I know I promised you writing samples and here they are. They tell you that I know how to write with clear, consumer-focused objectives in mind, etc. But I think the real proof is in the pudding. You want someone with not only the ability to write, but someone who can help you connect the dots to meet your goals.

I have three core beliefs:

1. Details, details, details

2. A more connected world = Better interpersonal understanding and a better global community


I know I’m young and that I have a lot to prove. And I know qualities like “smart” and “hard worker” are a dime a dozen. But I have a fierce drive to learn, a highly-adaptable voice, and a growth mindset. From moving to Asia on my own to learning a new skill, I’m always looking for ways to push myself to my limits. Strategy is about being thoughtful and intentional, knowing what works within a given space, and I’m most interested in using the intersection of form and function to elevate the Airbnb brand and navigate the ALSDKFASDLF

and I can offer strategic solutions to help grow Airbnb into the best product it can (Airbn)be.



Airbnb is facing a pivotal moment right now, and the decisions it makes going forward will determine what kind of company it is. In such a politically volatile climate, one in which consumer loyalty can change in a snap (or more accurately a #Boycott, a la Pepsi, United), it's important to keep values in mind when trying to engage with consumers.

Airbnb has already demonstrated its focus on inclusivity and acceptance, from its public commitment to house and support refugees, to its response to the viral Asian guest incident. The next step is to implement a program to really push Airbnb's brand forward as both a pioneer of the sharing economy and a tool for social connection.

Solving racism is a pretty big ask, but ho can f fcailitate better underseinga=naewerf


Content strategy is about leveraging the tiny micro-interactions with the product to steer consumers in the right direction.

  • Contribute to a product team of designers, researchers, product managers, engineers, and data scientists
  • Offer a content strategy perspective throughout the product development process, and influence strategic decisions across and within products to improve the overall experience and ensure consistency across platforms
  • Work with cross-functional partners to drive consensus across teams and advocate for solutions that balance the needs our hosts and guests with our business goals
  • Define the content strategy for a given product and write clear and concise content across multiple touch points (including product names, labels and navigational elements, emails, tutorials, marketing pages, and notifications)
  • Help people who use Airbnb feel welcome and empowered, carefully considering tone and writing content that’s consistent with Airbnb's mission of belonging
  • Work with other content strategists to maintain and evolve voice and tone guidelines and help evangelize those resources across the company
  • Develop content frameworks, product narratives, and other deliverables that explain your recommendations and help people understand the practice of content strategy
  • Approach all of your work with a global mindset, advocate for designs and language that internationalize well, and work with our translations team to improve quality
  • Share your work with other content strategists, provide feedback on their work, and contribute to the team through mentoring, onboarding or recruiting


  • 5+ years content strategy experience
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Solid understanding of user experience design principles and interaction patterns
  • Experience writing content for web/mobile products and developing style guides preferred
  • Proven ability to collaborate successfully with cross-­functional partners
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Passion for Airbnb’s mission and deep empathy for our diverse community
  • Portfolio of writing samples