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So it's college application season, which means that for the past few months I've been seeing things like this on my sister's computer:

Pick three original adjectives that you believe best describe who you are and explain why you selected them.

Her actual answer on the document she gave me: "halp"

But the bright side of her completing this terrible and mentally exhausting process is that when she’s visiting East Coast schools, I get to go along for the ride (heheh). So, I’m very excited to announce my first blog series! Given my love affair with travel and insatiable sense of wanderlust, it’s only appropriate that document this trip to its fullest extent and in the only way I know how—via blog. And in two days, we’re flying cross-country to New York City, AKA one of my favorite places in the world. Which means I get five days just to hang out in the city while my sister goes on college tours. Guess who’s going to have more fun.

I adore New York. I love the energy and the culture and its architecture. And the food (and this is an important one). It’s the quintessential American city. It represents history, innovation, progress. And all of those things are fascinating. right down to the gritty, ugly parts of it. My family’s originally from the East Coast and I was lucky enough to intern there two years ago, so I’m somewhat comfortable in the city (of course, that doesn’t stop me from getting lost on the archaic subway system that hasn’t been updated since it was built in the 20s and still confuses me). Sometimes I like to act like I’m a native—sunglasses on, coffee in hand, walking quickly as if on urgent business, and ignoring anyone who talks to me—and sometimes I like to be as touristy as possible and just wander around taking pictures of everything. But every time I go, it’s a different experience. Even going to familiar places is exciting, because the city itself is such a rich, fast-moving, always-evolving flow of culture. If you’re lucky, you never end up in the same place twice. I can’t wait.

New  York city skyline during a thunderstorm (it was terrifying)

New  York city skyline during a thunderstorm (it was terrifying)

I’ll be keeping a photo journal, mostly because New York is such a visually stunning place and honestly requires few words. So if you like pictures of tall buildings and pretty desserts (I will definitely deliver on that last part), keep following over the next couple of days!

Also, tell me the best places to go in New York in the comments! I’ll try to cross off as many as possible. It’ll be like a scavenger hunt.