minute thoughts 8.21.15

Happy Friday!

I was inspired by a food blogger named Jessica who writes a blog called How Sweet It Is. She writes these short posts, every Tuesday, called "Tuesday Things," a collection of little snippets from her day.

I don't really have the discipline to post things exactly on Tuesday (or every week, even), nor do I want to confine myself to one specific day, so I'm starting my own version of it: Minute Thoughts. Minute, as in 60 seconds, because they'll be quick, bite-sized posts that you can read easily. But also minute as in "very tiny." Random tidbits that I normally write down in the moment on my BlackBerry to save for later, not necessarily fully-fledged ideas. Tiny little things on my mind. It's always so cluttered with thoughts, but sometimes I have nowhere to put them. So it's essentially a collection of things that didn't make it on to my Twitter.

Thoughts while walking from the subway

1. The subway is a very stressful place to be when you're 5'2" and germ-conscious. 

2. I'm the only one in the office today (my boss is very trusting), so to celebrate, I'm wearing Rainbows and comfy shorts to work. Because I can and it's glorious. For some reason it feels much more gratifying than wearing Rainbows and comfy shorts on a weekend.

3. Cockroaches are actually the most disgusting insects. I hate them. I HATE them. I can't stand their stupid little twitchy antennae, their feely little legs, or their smug little beady eyes. I've never passionately loathed or aggressively avoided (is that an oxymoron?) any living creature as much as I do cockroaches. And what's worse is, they're tough. As in, can survive a nuclear explosion. As in, can live for weeks without food surviving on the glue from postage stamps. As in, can recover from being submerged in water for over half an hour. IT'S JUST NOT NATURAL. I found one in my shower three days ago, and I've lived in fear of it ever since.

4. New Yorkers actually aren't all that unfriendly. They're just very blunt. And I like that. I appreciate bluntness. I much prefer it to false displays of interest as a pretense or insincere sweetness.

5. I've somehow developed this obsessive need to find a good nude/rose colored lipstick that closely matches my lip color to wear every day (I own a lot of intense, dark red/berry shades at the moment). Dusty rose or reddish-purple colors tend to be the most flattering, so probably something similar to the Pixi Lip Blush that I've been in love with for a while now. Any suggestions?

6. My friend gave me a package of tea earlier this week, a mix of Earl Grey and green tea and I. Am. In. Love. It's green tea and black tea together. Life-changing. I don't understand coffee obsessions when tea is infinitely better.

7. Speaking of tea, I need to find a good boba place in New York.

8. My big and I have been talking about traveling together since I rushed. At first it was something we would kind of just toss around, the same way we reiterate on a monthly basis the necessity of developing a method of keeping baby animals small and cute. But then I saw this and this, and now my wanderlust is at an all-time high. Now that I feel like it's possible, I think I need to go everywhere before I start working and sell my soul to the corporate world (to any future potential employers, that was a joke). It does cost money but I feel like if I don't go now, when will I ever really travel? I'm always going to be tied down by a job, by monetary constraints, or by another person. I feel like if I don't go now, I'll regret it when I'm older.

9. Oh my GOD, there's a place called Cookie DŌ in New York and they literally just serve edible cookie dough. We truly live in the future. And there's an ice cream shop called 10 Below Ice Cream that serves ice cream rolls just like they have in Thailand at the markets, and makes a lot of whale-related puns (AKA my kind of ice cream shop). Whale, whale, whale. I know where I'm going next.

10. Donald Trump is leading the polls, and an independent candidate named Deez Nuts (who is actually a 15-year-old that filed with the FEC) is now polling at 9% in North Carolina (What. Even?!). While highly unlikely, if Donald Trump by some stroke of (mis)fortune wins this presidential election, I will voluntarily relinquish my citizenship (more on this later).

Edit: I've made a huge mistake.