I'm a 20-something-year-old writer/blogger, former journalist, current brand strategist, inquisitive learner, experimental baker, adventure-seeker, frequent wanderer, award-winning Scattegories player, novelist-in-progress, and forever advocate of the Oxford comma; also, lover of the semicolon. I'm a locally-grown Californian, former temporary Singaporean, New Yorker at heart, and Gaucho for life.

I am passionate about human nature and social justice, creativity in branding and business culture, and building aesthetically satisfying things. I graduated with a degree in English with a focus in Literature and the Mind, a mix of disciplines like literature, sociology, philosophy, and psychology; since then, I've discovered that I'm most fascinated by the way people think and relate, and how it affects the way they communicate and make decisions. I'm interested in noting subtle behavioral nuances and analyzing them strategically, and I like finding elegant solutions to complex problems. But I also get a lot of joy out of creating things, whether it's baking cupcakes from scratch, designing new branding for a startup, or building bookshelves around my house. I believe the most valuable things are both beautiful and useful, and my work reflects these qualities.

Storytelling has always been second-nature to me—I've been a reader ever since I first picked up Goodnight Moon at four years old, and a writer since I sat down at my first Alphasmart in the third grade. And, thanks to a well-beloved passport and an insatiable sense of wanderlust, I've traveled a lot, and I use the things I learn from my travels to write my own narrative, my personal philosophy of life and understanding of the world I live in.

This blog was born of an irresistible need to express my love for so many different things, and my opinions of an equal amount of things. You can usually find me working on my first novel, baking something-or-other in the kitchen, practicing hand-lettering, catching up on business trends and spirituality knowledge, curating my makeup collection, wandering around museums, or reading travel and food blogs.

This blog will mostly be filled with my day-to-day curiosities, social commentary (or lack thereof), introspective musings, mindless ramblings, food porn, and the occasional attempt at art and travel blogging. I really don’t like the term “lifestyle blog,” because it often sounds like all you do is lounge around getting facials and eating chocolates all day. I wanted a blog with a purpose. I like to focus on the things that make life so wonderful: not only its aestheticism and vibrancy, but also its essence and meaning, both personal and universal. I couldn't find any other lifestyle blogs that actually discussed things of substance, so I decided to write one, because I think that interests in a good quality highlighter and child sex trafficking shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

And so, this blog is a testament to my own desire to live beautifully and fruitfully. I write what I would want to read, and I'm always searching for new inspiration.

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