clothing with a conscience

PPG is an upscale lifestyle brand whose profits support the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis. It aids in sentencing reform efforts regarding the incarceration rate in drug-related offenses, and supports and educates formerly convicted men and women to help them re-enter society and the workplace.



I served as the strategic lead for the brand regarding its social communications, responsible for curating its Instagram content and conceptualizing promotional campaigns to increase brand recognition and push users to interact with the brand on social media.

I used social data analytics to determine what kind of content users were most likely to engage with, and created messaging and a content calendar to match.

I was also tasked with developing the brand voice. We decided that the one would be laid-back, playful, and a little bit cheeky, but with the underlying sense of passion for the cause. The language would be cool and colloquial, but with a very focused message. I wrote website copy, designed the media kit, created a social media content calendar, defined brand guidelines, and wrote pieces for PPG's blog, "Bluntly Speaking."


1. Initialize social media presence and lock down target audience/influencer partners

2. Develop consistent visual branding and brand voice

3. Drive sales of new merchandise

4. Push users to participate in and/or contribute to the Puff Puff Give Foundation and our activism programs


The brand's tagline is "for the cannabis connoisseur," which recalls its mission to be a sophisticated foil to the predominantly sloppy, earthy "stoner culture" that populates the mainstream media. The brand's founders wanted to push the concept of both high-fashion and "high" fashion clothing, without falling prey to any of the perceived stereotypes regarding cannabis users or relying on tired clichés.

We decided to focus on the brand's social strategy rather than promotions, with a mix of product, lifestyle, influencer, and UGC posts on Instagram. Leading up to and following the brand's launch, we followed influencers and enthusiasts in the cannabis space

It was important that we chose content that reflected our aesthetic: cool, sexy, and laid-back, yet classy. I populated the feed with a lot of bold black-and-white imagery, retro-looking faded pastels and neon signs, and shots of people wearing our clothing.

I conceptualized several campaign activations including contests, polls, street style galleries, virtual scavenger hunts, giveaways, and branded messaging for holidays.


I designed the media kit as a brand standard/introduction to the company. It contained our story, our mission, a breakdown of our programs and our business model, some branding guidelines, and our contact information.

media kit 1.jpg


I wrote descriptions for the brand's collection of lifestyle products, high-quality cotton t-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts with simple sayings on them. 10% of the profits from the clothing benefited the PPG Foundation, which initiated social awareness and activism programs like #CLEANSLATE, a record expungement program for minor drug offenses.

Landing page:

PPG (Puff Puff Give) is a lifestyle brand with a purpose

Our line of ultra-soft tees, tanks, and hoodies make you look and feel good, all ethically produced in the USA and supporting legalization and decriminalization of marijuana
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The pieces are named for the states in which, prior to the January election, medical marijuana was legal as a prescribed substance. The designs were created to convey a new brand of casual advocacy, from "classing up the joint" (Dopé) to "lightening up" on prison sentences (Light(en) Up) to the sense of forgetfulness that follows smoking a joint (What Was I Saying?).

The descriptions appeal to the ideal PPG consumer: someone who is passionate and strong-willed, but easygoing and fun-loving. People that have a refined sense of appreciation for life and everything in it, and want to look polished without a lot of effort. The pieces are relaxed and easy to wear, yet still thoughtfully-designed.



Class up the joint in our signature California boxy tank. Be sophisticated, yet chill. Dance the night away, make love under the stars, feel the music course through your veins. The super-soft fabric and flowy fit is cool and casual enough for any breezy day at the beach, and versatile enough to be worn with jeans and a leather jacket on a night out.


This will be the tee that you live in. Paired with comfy boyfriend jeans, this is your wake-up-early tee, your mimosas-with-brunch-on-the-weekend tee, your seize-the-day tee. Class up the joint in the Colorado box style, your go-to tee that has both style and purpose. When you're lazing about and still want to look put-together, this tee will be a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.



You do the 9 to 6 because you're addicted to the grind. Wear our New York muscle tank to show everyone that you're a boss and you're not afraid to tell it like it is. Wear it because you give a puff about medicinal marijuana usage and you're willing to fight to end the war on drugs. This tank says "unstoppable," and that's exactly who you are.


This tee is an essential. An instant-classic, feel-good, must-have piece that you'll wear forever. A new side of marijuana: the cool, effortless appeal of cannabis chic. Our unisex Washington tee is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and just as timeless. For the times you just wanna kick back after a long day and let the good times roll. Take it easy. The weekend is yours.


I wrote some of the small interactions on the site as well, like the pop-up subscription box that invited users to enter their emails for free shipping on their first order. The intention was for the pop-up to be as directive as possible without feeling intrusive. Once users subscribed, they would receive our newsletter and updates about our upcoming product launches.

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