friday five 5.26.17

1. the unicorn craze, explained

Pop culture trends have always been a reaction in part to the current political climate, so it's no surprise that this soft pastel trend exploded onto the scene in a glittery haze almost exactly a year ago. I'm personally amazed by not only the transparency of the desire for escapism, but also just how many things can be unicorn-ified. From food (okay, I think most of it is gross but people who know me well know that I never say no to good, old-fashioned funfetti, and these unicorn macarons are ridiculously cute) to beauty products, the unicorn craze is undoubtedly everywhere. But it's just kind of interesting to follow exactly how it came into being.

minute thoughts 5.24.17

Thoughts while researching buttercream varieties

1. What are the occupational/academic credentials required to be a modern philosopher? I'm genuinely curious.

friday five: woke edition

As millennials, we've no doubt all heard the words "conscious consumer" a million times before (in fact, we prefer to support socially-conscious companies as a whole). But it really is important to consistently make good decisions as consumers, and to consider the consequences of our actions. And that starts with being aware of the problems out there. We vote with our dollars, after all. But we don't know what we don't know. And honestly, with what we do know, it's still pretty damn hard to be a good person.

Maybe we'll never stop buying things or wasting food, but we sure as hell can improve our social responsibility practices and increase our awareness of our influence as consumers. So here are some things you should know.

friday five 5.12.17

1. his parents' death gave him a mission: stop the medical brain drain

I didn't know "brain drain" was a serious issue until my friend Myra mentioned it in the context of the educational community. But I guess it's another one of those things where you're forced to choose: personal success or the greater good? This isn't to say you can't have a lucrative career either way; it's a question of selflessness.

jet-setting: quick tips for weekend trips

Originally published on Judson L. Moore

So this is kind of a comprehensive mini-guide to traveling, inspired by my travels around Southeast Asia. These are the best tips and tricks for quick, easy, and affordable travel; good for everything from studying abroad to road-tripping around your state. Special thanks to Michelle, Annie, Britt, and Eileen for contributing! You guys are great.

friday five: follow-up edition

I read a lot of articles; so many that it's sometimes difficult to keep track of everything I read. But I like to follow up on stories, because one of the most important things in interpreting the world around us is to recognize that these are not isolated events. To remember that everything is connected, everything has significance, and everything is a part of history.

And so, a couple of follow-ups to things I've mentioned before:

friday five 4.28.17

1. the truth is hard to find – tyler hicks

This gorgeous spot (directed by Black Swan's Darren Aronofsky!) for The New York Times reminds us how important and often difficult good salt-of-the-earth journalism is. I try not to include too many ads in Friday Five, because I'm essentially doing their marketing work for them, but I appreciate ones that offer a fresh perspective or explore a new angle we normally wouldn't get to see. Photojournalists are so often underappreciated; they're supposed to be invisible, and it's easy to forget that they're actually telling the stories.