heat wave: hot weather makeup

So originally I started this post when I was living in Singapore and annoyed by my makeup melting off my face in the insane tropical heat/humidity. And I just never finished it. But I figured now was a good time to revisit it, given that I'm currently living in New York for the summer (more on this later), and unlike Summer 2015, I am determined to not melt this time.

friday five 7.7.17

1. putting 'don giovanni' on a truck, and returning opera to its roots

I love this so much! Sometimes you hear complaints of a lack of appreciation for good art, but I think accessibility is cultivates appreciation. I think that it's nice to have some things that still exist in a pure form, not simply to be consumed through the lens of an Instagram filter.

minute thoughts 6.28.17

Thoughts while enjoying the gorgeous California sunshine with my Kindle and a glass of iced tea

1. Bite Beauty is releasing liquid lipsticks, and I have never been so excited for a lipstick launch, ever. Bite is absolutely killing it. Fun fact: their lipsticks are technically edible because they're made with food-grade ingredients. Also, can we appreciate how gorgeous/creative the art direction is?

friday five 6.23.17

1. stop pretending you're not rich

I think this past year and the election has really forced us to reevaluate socioeconomic class, and the way it affects the way we think, communicate, and behave. Even the fact that we can "reevaluate" socioeconomic class, without the limitations of socioeconomic class being forced upon us, is such a luxury that most of us don't consider.

fair enough: baked dill pickle chips

The Del Mar Fair is possibly the best example of American overindulgence in existence. Fair food is overpriced, needlessly extravagant, and unapologetically greasy. Blooming onions, chocolate-covered bacon, potato chip towers, funnel cakes that serve 12 people, fried chicken sandwiches made with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and just about everything you could possibly think of deep-fried (Oreos, Kool-Aid, zucchini, Starbucks, brownies, Snickers bars, and butter, to name a few).

friday five 6.16.17

1. why do people join cults? - janja lalich

The origin of "drinking the Kool-Aid." I've always found cults morbidly fascinating, particularly the psychology of them. But I think the most amazing thing is that we have this antiquated stereotype of what a cult should be, but cults are alive and well today, and they're much modern than we imagine, which is the dangerous part.

friday five: double-take edition

To quote Wizards of Waverly Place, "everything is not what it seems." But it's true. You never really know someone's life. And it's a good reminder that each one comes with its own set of unique challenges. This edition urges you to look a little deeper, to resist initial judgment. Controversial, sure. But, ideally, provocative. There's always a little more to the story than meets the eye.