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What does jayemsey mean?

Say it out loud, slowly—it’s my initials! The reason I chose this name for the blog was pretty simple: my parents gave me one of the most generic names possible*. This has resulted in a ridiculous amount of time and energy spent trying to find a combination of letters and numbers that isn’t unavailable. Sometimes my mom refers to me and my sisters by our initials: JMC, MMC, KMC. So to keep all my usernames simple, consistent, and easy to remember, I chose the phonetic spelling.

*I was named for two of my grandmothers, which is rad. It’s just not ideal for personal branding/Googling. Sorry Mom and Dad.

what ethnicity are you?

I'm third-generation Chinese-American. Some people try to get really creative (I've heard things like Hawaiian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Malay, Korean, Cambodian, Thai, and strangely, Mongolian). No, my sisters and I don't look anything alike. Yes, we are all full Chinese and related. No, I wasn't adopted. Or so I was told.

what do you use for your pictures?

I use a Sony Alpha a5100 DSLM with the standard kit lens (16-50 mm) for pictures, the GoPro HERO Session for (most) video, and Adobe Photoshop for editing!

how do you write blog posts?

I wrote a post on that here!


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